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TitleDa Ming lü zhijie [Tae Myǒngnyul chikhae] 大明律直解 [Literal Explanation of The Great Ming Code]
Topic1. Code and commentaries
Historical periodEarly Ming (1368 -1584)
Reprint (year of)1686
AuthorKo Sa-Kyǒng 高士褧 and Kim Chi 金祗
Number of volume4
Publication typeWoodblock

The Great Ming Code directly explicated (Da Ming lü zhijie 大明律直解) is a commented edition of the Great Ming Code of 1389, drafted by Kim Chi 金祗 and Ko Sa-Kyǒng (高士褧).


A Korean ed. of the Ming Penal Code with original commentary, promulgated by the Korean government in 1395, in the fourth year of the Yi 李 dynasty. (The Ming Code—with a few adaptations to Korean currency, geography, and so on—remained the basis of Korean law through the end of the Yi in 1910.) The title Da Ming lü zhijie was given by the Japanese sōtokufu. It is the only source reproducing the 1389 version of the Ming Code (now lost), which established the format and contents of the 1397 final version. The commentaries are in Chinese characters with idu 吏讀 (“clerk readings”) additions; in the 1936 ed. the latter are underlined to distinguish them from the rest, and the text is followed by a glossary of terms entitled idu yakhae 吏讀略解, listing all the idu and other Korean common terms in the Code arranged by number of strokes, with a transliteration in modern Korean ; the Code article where they feature is indicated, and in the Japanese recension there is an explanation in Japanese. In the 1936 ed. the variants between the different eds. used are indicated in the upper margin.

LanguageChinese, Korean
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