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Unless otherwise specified, the descriptions of sources in this section are extracted from Pierre-Etienne Will and collaborators,Official Handbooks and Anthologies of Imperial China: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).
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266Da Ming lü fuli jianshi 大明律附例箋釋[An Explication of the Code and Substatutes of the Great Ming]Wang Kentang 王肯堂 1. Code and commentaries
42Da Ming lü jiangjie 大明律講解[Commentaries and Explanations on the Penal Code of the Great Ming]anonymous1. Code and commentaries
637Da Ming lü jijie fuli 大明律集解附例Zhong Zhenji (ed.) 衷貞吉 1. Code and commentaries
264Da Ming lü jishuo fuli 大明律集說附例[A Collection of Commentaries on the Code of the Great Ming with Substatutes]Feng Zi 馮孜 (redacted); Liu Dawen 劉大文 (comp.)1. Code and commentaries
34Da Ming lü shiyi 大明律釋義[An Explanation of the Meaning of the Penal Code of the Great Ming]by Ying Jia, 應檟 1. Code and commentaries
95Da Ming lü zhijie [Tae Myǒngnyul chikhae] 大明律直解[Literal Explanation of The Great Ming Code]1395Ko Sa-Kyǒng 高士褧 and Kim Chi 金祗1. Code and commentaries
438Da Ming lü 大明律[Statute Laws of the Ming Dynasty]Liu Weiqian 劉惟謙 etc.(comp.)1. Code and commentaries
138Da Ming lüli fujie 大明律例附解[Statute Laws of the Great Ming with Explanations]1. Code and commentaries
575Da Qing huidian shili 大清會典事例1. Code and commentaries
269Da Qing lü jianshi hechao 大清律箋釋合鈔[A Combined Copy of the Code of the Great Qing and Explication]Qian Fengwen 錢鳳文& Lu Fenglai 陸鳳來(collated)1. Code and commentaries
209Da Qing lüli anyu 大清律例按語[Code of the Great Qing with remarks and comments]1847Pan Deshe 潘德畬1. Code and commentaries
212Da Qing lüli jizhu 大清律輯註[Code of the Great Qing with compiled annotations]SHEN Zhiqi 沈之奇1. Code and commentaries
651Da Qing lüli Tongkao jiaozhu 大清律例通考 (A general examination of Statutes and Substatutes of the Grat Qing)1785Wu Tan 吳壇 (z. Zifeng 紫峰)1. Code and commentaries
13Da Qing lüli 大清律例1740Zheng Qin 鄭秦 and Tian Tao 田濤 (Intr., ed., punct.)1. Code and commentaries
439Du li cun yi chong kan ben 讀例存疑重刊本[A Typeset Edition of the Du-li ts'un-i with a Biography of the Compiler and Numbering and Titles to the Sub-statutes]Xue Yunsheng 薛允升 (comp.);Huang Jingjia 黃靜嘉(punctuated&edited);Robert L. Irick(General editor)1. Code and commentaries
624Dulü peixi 讀律佩觿, 8 j. [The Portable Bodkin for Untangling the Difficulties of the Code]1674Wang Mingde 王明德 (Z. Liangshi 亮士, Jinqiao 金樵)1. Code and commentaries
14Dulü suoyan 讀律瑣言[Fragmentary words in reading the code]1557Lei Menglin 雷夢麟 (js. 1544)1. Code and commentaries
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