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Unless otherwise specified, the descriptions of sources in this section are extracted from Pierre-Etienne Will and collaborators,Official Handbooks and Anthologies of Imperial China: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).
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TitleFazhui 法綴[A Compilation on Law]
Topic4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
Historical periodEarly Ming (1368 -1584)
Authorby Tang Shu 唐樞
Place of publicationHeilongjiang renmin chubanshe 黑龍江人民出版社
Publication typeWoodblock
CommentThe work is only found as part of Tang Shu’s own congshu, the Muzhong tai ji, which apparently can be found in various arrangements. According to the presentation of the Mingshi ziliao congkan ed., it was entered into the Muzhong tai zaji 雜集 in 1568 and engraved in 1569. A descriptive list of treatises, codes, regulations, etc. from the Ming concerning law and legal administration. The work must have been intended as a bibliographical aid for officials as well as an initation to Ming legislation. The content suggests that it was composed at the end of the Jiajing period or later. The following titles are dicussed, some in rather great detail, others in only a few words: (1) Da Ming ling 大明令 (Ming Ordinances), (2) Da Ming lü 大明律 (the Penal Code, whose elaboration and contents are extensively discussed), (3) Dagao 大誥 (Grand Pronouncements), (4) Da Ming lü zhiyin (q.v.), (5) Xiaoci lu 孝慈錄, (6) Jiaomin bangwen 教民榜文, (7) Zuxun tiaozhang 祖訓條章, (8) Zuxun lu 祖訓錄, (9) Daoren xuzhi (see under Shouzhi daoren xuzhi), (10) Hongwu lizhi 洪武禮制, (11) Zhusi zhizhang 諸司職掌, (12) Xiangang shilei 憲綱事類, (13) Zishi tongxun 資世通訓, (14) the Xuande emperor’s Guanzhen (q.v.), (15) Dagao wuchen 大誥武臣, (16) Huang Ming zhaozhi 皇明詔制, (17) Guanzhi 官制, (18) Junzheng tiaoli 軍政條例, (19) Wenxing tiaoli 問刑條例, (20) Jiexing shili 節行事例, (21) Da Ming huidian 大明會典, (22) Shenming xiti gongci 申明襲替功次, (23) Chongxiu 重修 wenxing tiaoli, (24) Weizheng guimo 為政規模, (25) Lüjie bianyi (q.v.), (26) Qingding shigu zhechao zeli 欽定時估折鈔則例, (27) Huiding yunzhuan yuntan dengxiang zuogong zeli 會定運磚運炭等項做工則例, (28) Zongfan tiaoli 宗藩條例, (29) Caoyun yidan 漕運議單, (30) Jiajing tiaoli 嘉靖條例, (31) Xingtong jiyi 刑統輯義, (32) Da Ming lü shuyi (i.e. Lütiao shuyi [q.v.]), (33) Lütiao cuoyao 律條撮要, (34) Gongyi gong bogao (i.e. Wang Gongyi bogao [q.v.]), (35) Fajia pouji (q.v.), (36) Fengxian zhonggao Yushi zhen zhu 風憲忠告御史箴註 (a commentary to Zhang Yao’s work [see under Fengxian zhonggao] by Xue Xuan, the author of Congsheng lu [q.v.]), (37) Qiuzheng lu 求政錄, (38) Xiangxing yaolan (q.v.), (39) Jinke yicheng fu 金科一誠賦, (40) Fajia yaolan 法家要覽 (an alternative title for the Fajia pouji [q.v.], but this seems to be another work), (41) Faluo bianlan 發落便覽, (42) Lütiao fuli 律條附例 by Hu Qiong (probably same as Lüjie fuli [q.v.]), (43) Dulü suoyan (q.v.), (44) Bifu lütiao 比附律條, and (45) Tiaoli beikao 條例備考. Liu Ducai (see below), who counts 47 works instead of 45, notes that the first 30 titles or so are all official publications, whereas the rest is composed of “private writings”; he stresses the value of this overview of leagal publications in the Ming, which includes several works now lost.
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