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Unless otherwise specified, the descriptions of sources in this section are extracted from Pierre-Etienne Will and collaborators,Official Handbooks and Anthologies of Imperial China: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).
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TitleGongmen bu fei qian gongde lu 公門不費錢功德錄 [Record of Administrators’ Good Deeds That Do Not Require Spending Money]
Topic4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
Historical periodLate Qing (1797-1911)
Publication typeWoodblock

There are three texts included; the attribution to Li Jiantang is found in the preface to Mingxing bijiao lu (q.v.). The texts are devoted to earning positive retribution in one’s administrative work, and therefore belong to the “merit and demerit” genre. The work is sometimes dated to the Kangxi period. Rowe (Saving the World, 298) mentions a work by Xiong Hongbei 熊弘備 titled Bu fei qian gongde li 例 (see under Baoshan tang juguan geyan), a “late-seventeenth-century morality book” that Chen Hongmou reprinted in Xunsu yigui 訓俗遺規.

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