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Unless otherwise specified, the descriptions of sources in this section are extracted from Pierre-Etienne Will and collaborators,Official Handbooks and Anthologies of Imperial China: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).
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Title(Lüli guan jiaozheng) Xiyuan lu 律例館校正洗冤錄 [Washing Away the Wrongs, Edited by the Bureau of the Code]
Topic4.2 Magistrates handbooks: Handbooks for legal experts
Historical periodEarly Qing (1644-1796)
Publication typeWoodblock

An enlarged and partly modified version of the Song-period Xiyuan jilu (q.v.), coll. and edited by the Bureau of the Code (律例館) of the Ministry of Justice. Two nineteenth-century author’s prefaces to forensic treatises (see under Xiyuan lu bianzheng and Xiyuan lu jie) claim it was composed in the Kangxi era, and most of the secondary literature gives the date 1694, without supporting evidence. Chen Chongfang (see below) has conclusively demonstrated that this Lüli guan version of Xiyuan lu was prepared in 1742 in the wake of the compilation of the Qianlong ed. of Da Qing lüli (imperial pref. 1740, proofreading completed late 1741). One of the main works used to complement and revise the Xiyuan jilu was Wang Mingde’s Xiyuan lu bu (q.v.), appended to Wang’s Dulü peixi (q.v.), but many other texts were used as well: the last essay in Qu Zhongrong’s Xiyuan lu bianzheng (q.v.), entitled “Jin Xiyuan lu nei zacai ge shu” 今洗冤錄内雜采各書, lists no less than twenty of them, including a significant number of medical works and several miscellanea, in addition to the original Xiyuan jilu (q.v.). The organization of the table of contents is fairly different from the original Xiyuan jilu, of which only about 60 percent of the contents have been preserved. In 1770 a set of plates representing the skeleton front and back (檢骨圖) and corresponding bone checklists (檢骨格) were added. Copies without the plates are therefore pre-1770. From its publication, Lüli guan jiaozheng xiyuan lu became the official Xiyuan lu recension, which local officials were required by law to use in their forensic investigations. It is appended to many private editions of the Qing Code. The text features together with commentaries and various other supplementary materials in private editions that enjoyed wide distribution; the best-known are Xiyuan lu jizheng, Xiyuan lu xiangyi, and Xiyuan lu yizheng (qq.v.). Despite its legal authority, the official Xiyuan lu was subjected to much criticism by forensic specialists who deplored its contradictions, gaps, and errors: see, e.g., Xiyuan lu bianzheng, Xiyuan lu jie, and Jianyan hecan (qq.v.).

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