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Unless otherwise specified, the descriptions of sources in this section are extracted from Pierre-Etienne Will and collaborators,Official Handbooks and Anthologies of Imperial China: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).
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TitleFujian shengli 福建省例 [Provincial Regulations of Fujian]
Topic3.2 Regulations collections: local regulations
Historical periodLate Qing (1797-1911)
CollectionTaiwan wenxian shiliao congkan 臺灣文獻史料叢刊, Ser. 7, vol. 141-142
Publication typePrint

The title at the beginning of the general mulu and in the central margins is Shengli. Juan numbers are not indicated in the mulu, they only feature at the bottom of the central margins. The ed. in 36 j. consists of 493 entries classified under 33 sections dealing in some disorder with documents, fiscal and financial affairs, personnel management, economic matters, transportation, and justice, all precisely dated and ranging from the early 1750s to the early 1870s. There is no pref. or fanli, but a general mulu details every piece (案) in the work, listing the sections but not giving the juan numbers. The central margins indicate the content of the entries. The sections are as follows (with number of entries added): documents (公式, 16), granaries and treasuries (倉庫, 25), land tax (錢糧, 4), financial reports (奏銷, 3), transmission of accounts (交代, 24), taxes (稅課, 6), remittances (解支, 4), salaries (俸祿, 11), integrity allowances (養廉, 21), public contributions (捐款, 16), reduced-price sales (平糶, 4), community granaries (社倉, 4), census (戶口, 14), real estate (田宅, 9), land clearing (勸墾, 3), pawnshop tax (當稅, 5), grants and subsidies (卹賞, 10), military pays (兵餉, 14), examination candidate allowances (科場, 2), salt administration (鹽政, 8), currency (錢法, 3), iron administration (鐵政, 2), shipping administration (船政, 36), coastal defense (海防, 9), maintenance of public works (修造, 2), postal administration (郵政, 45), miscellaneous (襍例, 16), judicial administration (行政, 123), private contributions (捐輸, 8), special assignments (差務, 5), management of officials (銓政, 20), tax collection (征收, 17), and bandit arrests (緝匪, 4); the 36 j. are followed by supplements. The two eds. in 40 j. (the Tōyō Bunko ms. lists 488 entries in its mulu, whereas the copy in the Niida collection has the same list of 493 entries as the other eds.) are nearly identical despite a different number of juan; the central margins similarly indicate the content of the entries; a supplement features regulations on compulsory contributions to aid the families of deceased officials, dated 1877 and 1878. According to the intro. to the Taiwan yinhang ed., the original imprint on which it is based (the present whereabouts of which are not known), also titled Shengli, was badly printed and a number of obvious errors have been corrected; it has 484 entries in all; the only change to the original text has been to move the section on “miscellaneous” to the end of the work. In all versions the entries are chronologically arranged within each section. They consist of orders or decisions from the provincial authorities, which may have originated in propositions or directives anywhere within the administrative hierarchy, and which have been made into “precedents” (例); these precedents used to be separately printed and circulated to the province’s local governments and concerned agencies over the years; at one point it was deemed necessary to collect and organize them into a printed volume for easy reference. Some of them consist of sets of regulations (規條), procedures (章程), and the like; still others are in the form of public proclamations or prohibitions. The original documents have apparently been reproduced in their entirety, with all the exchanges of correspondence and repetitions involved, eventually leading to the final decision turned into a precedent. The entire collection delivers an extremely rich picture of Fujian’s social and administrative problems in middle and late Qing.

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