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documentTypeEdited Volume
TitleYuedong shengli xinzuan 粵東省例新纂[Regulation of Guangdong Province in A new edition]
Topic3.2 Regulations collections: local regulations
Historical periodLate Qing (1797-1911)
Authorcomp. Huang Enzheng 黃恩正
Publication typeWoodblock
CommentThe fanli notes that this is the first time Guangdong has compiled a shengli. The present compilation was started in 1843 by Guangdong Provincial Treasurer, later Governor, Huang Entong, assisted by three expectant officials. It was meant to clear the confusion created by an accumulation of “old documents and new regulations” (舊牘新章) by publishing the procedures presently enforced (現辦章程)—that is, as of 1845—in a clear and coherent way. The fanli makes clear that the materials included are all “provincially enforced rules” (waiban zhangcheng 外辦章程), or provincial adaptations of nationwide “established regulations” (dingli 定例); the latter have been omitted, however. Changes in the regulations posterior to 1845 will appear in revised editions every five years. Regulations proposed by counties and not yet circulated provincewide, or of a purely circumstancial importance, have been nonetheless included for reference, and procedures specific to particular localities are included. The materials are arranged within the framework of the six domains of government, with a large number of subcategories (for example the part on “officials (吏例) has sections on assumption of post (赴任), appointment to acting positions (委署), transfers (調補), merits and demerits (功過), and evaluation of officials (考吏).. Explanations and complements in small characters are inserted in the text. There is a detailed mulu at the beginning, and again at the beginning of each part. [phtc. préf., mulu, procedures de nominations]. 
1846 ed. of the [Guangdong] provincial treasurer 藩署藏板, with prefaces by Qiying 耆英 (1846) and Huang Entong 黃恩彤 (1846). [Columbia].
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