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TitleLüli jianshi 律例箋釋
Short titleB3800900-00
Topic1. Code and commentaries
Historical periodLate Ming (1585-1644)
AuthorWang Kentang (Yutai) 王肯堂(宇泰)
Publication typeWoodblock

An extended and fairly discursive commentary to the Ming Code, somewhat adapted to the Qing Code in the Gu Ding edition. It was authored by Wang Kentang, who enlarged his father’s work considerably, providing lengthy explanations in language easy to understand and adding quotations from the substatutes. It is published in a systematic form in 1705. It opens with the Hongwu emperor’s preface to the 1397 edition of the penal code and the memorial of presentation of the Wanli edition, followed by a variety of tables and other materials. The body of the work consists of entries introducing the text of the Code, each law (or paragraph thereof) and sub-statute being followed by the author’s explanations and commentaries; there are also occasional quotes from such texts as the Huidian, Da Ming ling, Xian’gang, etc., as well as of hypothetical cases (introduced by jiaru).


The book was published under the Ming Dynasty under the tile 大明律附例箋釋 Da Ming lü fuli jianshi

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