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Unless otherwise specified, the descriptions of sources in this section are extracted from Pierre-Etienne Will and collaborators, Handbooks and Anthologies for Officials in Imperial China: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography, 2 vols., Leiden: Brill, 2020
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12The Great Qing code1994William C. Jones, Cheng Tianguan, Jiang Yonglin1. Code and commentaries
8The T'ang code. Volume I, General Principles1979Wallace Johnson (transl. and intr.)1. Code and commentaries
11The T'ang code. Volume II, Specific Articles1997Wallace Johnson (transl. and intr.)1. Code and commentaries
633Wuxing lu/Mukei Roku 無刑錄 [Records for punishing no more]1755Ashi Tozan 蘆東山 aka Ashino Tokurin蘆野徳林 (1696-1776) 1. Code and commentaries
625Xiangxing gujian 祥刑古鑑 [An Ancient Mirror of Auspicious Punishments]1864Song Banghui 宋邦僡 (Z. Huiren 惠人)1. Code and commentaries
631Xiangxing jingjie 祥刑經解 [Auspicious punishments by Explanation of the Classics]1798Wang Sheng 往泩 (z:Rongchuan 容川)1. Code and commentaries
626Xiangxing yaolan 祥刑要覽 [Essential Readings for Administering Auspicious Punishments]1442Wu Ne 吳訥 (Z. Minde 敏德, Kemin 克敏, H. Si’an 思庵, S. Wenke 文恪)1. Code and commentaries
16Xingtong fujie 刑統賦解 [Prose-Poem on the Penal Code, with Explanations]Fu Lin 傅霖, commentaries by Mr. Xu 徐氏,1. Code and commentaries
415Zhi Zhe chenggui 治浙成規 [Established Rules for Governing Zhejiang]Anonymous1. Code and commentaries
440Zhongguo chuantong falü wenhua cidian 中國傳統法律文化辭典Wu Shuchen 武樹臣1. Code and commentaries
443Zhongguo gudai falü sanbai ti 中國古代法律三百題1991Chen Pengsheng 陈鹏生1. Code and commentaries
240Zhushi suoyan 諸史瑣言Shen Jiaben 沈家本1. Code and commentaries
72 results (2/2 pages)     12      
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