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Unless otherwise specified, the descriptions of sources in this section are extracted from Pierre-Etienne Will and collaborators,Official Handbooks and Anthologies of Imperial China: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).
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TitleXiyuan lu biao 洗冤錄表 [Washing Away the Wrongs in Tables]
Short titleB3810800-00
Topic4.2 Magistrates handbooks: Handbooks for legal experts
Historical periodUnknown
AuthorZeng Hengde 曾恒德 (comp.)(編次)
Publication typeManuscript
CommentRem.: The text is almost word for word that of the 1694 official recension of the Xiyuan lu (see [Lüliguan jiaozheng] Xiyuan lu), arranged in synoptic tables by the author of the Lübiao (q.v.). (The MS. version has no lines to mark the cases in the table.) The upper margin contains personal observations from the compiler, as well as materials extracted from such works as the Xiyuan lu bu or the Xiyuan lu beikao (qq.vv.). The author was a compiler at the Bureau of the Code of the Ministry of Justice (刑部奉天司郎中律例館纂修官).
Ed.: Undated MS. in very neat hand. [Ōki (*base TBka)]
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