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TitleShuangjiu yaolu 爽鳩要錄 [Important Matters for Judicial Officials]
Short titleB3881700-00
Topic3.1 Regulations collections: general regulations
Historical periodUnknown
AuthorJiang Chaobo 蒋超伯
Publication typeWoodblock

A long list of criteria for proposing sentences for the Autumn Assizes. It authored by Jiang Chaobo (蒋超伯: 蒋超伯), composed of 2 juan, without date. Including no real cases, the collection lists fact-specific rules in determining capital cases to be qingshi (true) or huanjue (suspended) in Autumn Assizes.


A long list (198 entries) of criteria for proposing sentences for the autumn assizes, as provincial governments were required to do every year. The contents are similar to those in Qiushen shihuan bijiao tiaokuan (q.v.), but without explicit classification. The author could avail himself of his long tenure at the Ministry of Justice (see below). Shuangjiu in the title refers to a minister of Justice (司寇) in high antiquity whose name came to mean “judicial officials” in general.

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