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TitleLun Qingdai tiaoli zhong de diquxing tebie fa 论清代条例中的地区性特别法 (On the localism of special laws in the substatutes of the Qing code)
shortTitleLocalism of Qing substatutes
AuthorWang Zhiqiang 王志强
SubjectCodification as compilation of local precedents
Keywords条例 tiaoli substatutes, localism, 地区性
AbstractTHIS ARTICLE IS NOT A "PROJECT OUTCOME", but one the initial inspiration of our programm, since it aims at locating the origins of the laws and at understanding how the Chinese Imperial legislation combined local pecularities with general enforcement
Regional special laws were enacted by the central government but enforced in some particular regions. Based on the statistics of their quantity and distribution, the article studies the regional special laws in the sub-statutes of the Qing Dynasty, their emergence, contents and effect on the political system. The regional special sub-statutes, which focused on the felonies occurring near the capital and the frontier regions, were the results of the centraized monarchy and specified legislation system. Those sub-statutes that suited local conditions were effective in coordinating the central and local governments and maintaining public order, but were always disadvantageous due to some legislative problems.

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