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The 5th session of the seminar will be dedicated to the laws regulating the analogical judgements. 

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We will first examine the Biyin lütiao, 比引律條, some 30 examples of legal analogies that have been appended to the Qing code as "General categories" 總類.

001 比引律條.docx

Then we will read and translate the Statute 斷罪無正條, and the one substatute appended.



We will analyse a case abstracted from the Xing'an huilan 刑案匯覽, setting up an analogical judgment based on statute 庸醫殺傷人

affaire du pharmacien-2.jpg

If some time is left, we will start the reading and translation of the Statute 親屬相為容隱, wich will be dedicated the next session (27 May)




You can download here the complete document for this session:


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