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Unless otherwise specified, the descriptions of sources in this section are extracted from Pierre-Etienne Will and collaborators,Official Handbooks and Anthologies of Imperial China: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).
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127Chao Ben lüli guan shuo tie 抄本例律館說帖2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
310Chaoshen luejie 朝審略節2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
112Cheng An huibian 成案彙編 [A Compilation of Leading Cases]Yaerhashan 雅爾哈善2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
134Cheng An xinbian erji 成案新編二集 [A New Compilation of Leading Cases, Second Series]Min Wobei 閔我備2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
130Cheng An zhiyi 成案質疑 [Inquiring about Doubtful Points in Leading Cases]Hong Hongxu 洪弘續, Rao Han 饒翰2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
128Cheng'an beikao 成案備考 [Reference Materials on Leading Cases]1808Shen Tingying 沈廷瑛2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
455Chengui 臣軌 [Rules for Ministers]Empress Wu Zetian 武則天4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
319Cheng’an beikao 成案備考 [Reference Materials on Leading Cases]Anonymous2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
648Chinese Family and Commercial Law1921George Jamieson, 1. Code and commentaries
92Chongke shiyin canshen pibo siyu huotao 重刻釋音參審批駁四語活套Xiao liangban 蕭良泮2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
476Chushi lu 初仕錄 [Records of a Beginner Official]Wu Zun 吳遵 4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
475Chushi yaolan 初仕要覽 [Essential Readings for Beginning Officials]Anonymous4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
532Conggong lu 從公錄 [A Record of Public Service]Dai Zhaochen 戴肇辰 4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
534Conggong sanlu 從公三錄 [A Record of Public Service, Third Installment]Dai Zhaochen 戴肇辰4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
533Conggong xulu 從公續錄 [A Record of Public Service, Continued]Dai Zhaochen 戴肇辰 4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
554Congzheng suoji 從政瑣記 [Fragmentary Account of Being in Government]Wang Shouxun 王守恂 4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
494Congzheng yigui 從政遺規 [Inherited Guidelines for Government Service]Chen Hongmou 陳宏謀 4.1 Magistrates handbooks: General
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