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"Live Maps" is the GIS platform where we offer access to various elements of data to produce maps "on the fly". Apart from producing maps based on pre-selected data, "Live Maps" will includes many other features.

Access to GIS platform LSC will soon open, ....

Exhibitions maps

Regional special law


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“Regional special law” refers to the legal rules enacted by the central government while applicable only to some specifically identified regions.

This series of maps demonstrate the temporal and geographical development of regional special law, basically sub-statutes, during the Qing dynasty. The maps also display the contrast – either aggravation, mitigation, or the same – between the penalty imposed by a regional special rule and the penalty stipulated in a comparable general rule.


* Geographical coverage of regional special rules is shown on the prefect basis in the maps except in the two pie-chart maps where the provincial basis applies.


Military and Simple Exiles during the Qing dynasty

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Lingchi sentences

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