The Partner Institutions

The Team

  • BOURGON Jérôme, Senior Researcher CNRS at the Institute d'Asie Orientale (Lyon), specializing in Chinese legal history.
  • BUOYE Thomas, Professor, Department of History, The University of Tulsa.
  • CHEVALEYRE, Claude, Researcher CNRS at the Institute d'Asie Orientale (Lyon).
  • CHIU Peng-sheng 邱澎生, Professor, Department of History, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • CONSTANT Frédéric, Associate Professor at Paris X Nanterre University, legal studies, France
  • DYKSTRA, Maura, An Wang Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Universty Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies
  • ERISMANN, Julie,  GIS specialist, Doctoral Student in Geography Dpt of University Jean Moulin, Lyon, France.
  • FOLIOT, Gérald, Research Ingeneer CNRS, TGIR Huma-Num.
  • GABBIANI, Luca, Associate Professor, French School for East Asian Studies, Chinese history, urban studies.
  • JIANG Yonglin, Professor Department of East Asian Studies Bryn Mawr College, USA.
  • KIM, Marie S., Professor St Louis University, Minnesota, USA.
  • MATSUBARA, Kentaro, Professor, University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, Japan.
  • PARK, Nancy, Lecturer, Department of History, California State University, East Bay, California, USA
  • PIQUET, Hélène, Professeur des Universités, Faculté de droit, Univesité du Québec à Montréal, Canada.
  • ROUX, Pierre-Emmanuel, Associate Professor, University of Paris.
  • SUN JIahong 孙家红, Fellow Researcher, China Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Law, P.R. China.
  • TAM Ka-chai 譚家齊, Assistant Professor, Department of History, the Hong Kong Baptist University
  • WANG Zhiqiang 王志強, Professor, Fudan University School of Law, Shanghai, P.R. China
  • WU Yanhong 吳艷紅, Professor, History Department, Hanghzhou University, P.R. China.
  • ZHANG Ning 張寧, Professor, Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Geneva  (Switzerland)

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