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Unless otherwise specified, the descriptions of sources in this section are extracted from Pierre-Etienne Will and collaborators, Handbooks and Anthologies for Officials in Imperial China: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography, 2 vols., Leiden: Brill, 2020
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47Fanshan pipan 樊山批判 [Answers and Judgments by Fan Zengxiang]Fan zengxiang 樊增祥2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
60Jiangsu cheng'an 江蘇成案 [Leading Cases from Jiangsu]Shen zhanlin 沈沾霖2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
61Gesheng xingbu an 各省刑部案 [Cases Referred to the Ministry of Justice by the Various Provinces]Anonymous2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
78Sichuan difang sifa dang'an 四川地方司法檔案Anonymous2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
81Yunjian yanlue 雲間讞略 [A Brief Account of Judgments in Songjiang]Mao Yilu 毛一鷺 2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
83Panyu lucun 判語錄存 [Preserved Records of Judgments]Li Jun 李鈞2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
86An Wu qinshen xigao 按吳親審檄稿 [Draft Opinions from Cases Personally Tried as Regional Inspector of the Wu Region]0Qi Biaojia 祁彪佳2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
90Xunci 㽦辭 [Plowing Words]1634Zhang Kentang 張肯堂2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
142Houjian lu 後鑒錄Mao Qiling 毛奇齡2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
150Shi Yi beikao 拾遺備考[Cases left over — from the Xing'an huilan]2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
151Xuean chumo 學案初模 [Elementary Models for the Study of Cases]1838Yilibu 伊里布 (Z. Xinnong 莘農) 2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
169Ba Jian xin bian 八姦新編0Yinnan 蔭南2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
172Ge Sheng shenpa ting pan du 各省審判聽判讀2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
299Shanxi qiushen bangshi 陝西秋審榜示2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
312Xingbu Jiangnansi zhongqiu zhaoce 刑部江南司重囚招冊17362.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
313Xingbu zhilisi zhongqiu zhaoce 刑部直隸司重囚招冊17852.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
318Jiangsusi bufuce 江蘇司不符冊18442.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
320Gesheng bufuce 各省不符冊2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
322Gesheng bufuce 各省不符冊2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
323Gesheng liuyang bufuce 各省留養不符冊2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
325Gesheng bufuce 各省不符冊2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
332Huguangsi chengxingbu 湖廣司呈行簿2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
336Gesheng shenpanting pandu 各省審判廳判牘Faxue yanjiushe 法學研究社 (ed.)2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
419Qing Tongzhi wunian xingbu qiushen ce (Henansi)清同治五年刑部秋審冊(河南司)2.2 Judicial cases: Local casebooks
32Xingtong fushu 刑統賦疏 [Prose-Poem on the Penal Code, with Commentary]Fu Lin 傅霖, commentary by Shen Zhongwei 沈仲緯,2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
46Zheyu guijian 折獄龜鑑 [Supplement to A Magic Mirror for Solving Cases]Zheng ke 鄭克2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
49Minggong shupan qingming ji 名公書判清明集 [A Collection of Enlightened Judgments by Famous Officials]unknown2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
52Buyongxing shenpanshu 不用刑審判書 [A Book on Avoiding Torture in Trials]1906Wei xiyuan 魏息園2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
65Anxi panji canjuan 安西判集殘卷Anonymous2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
66Jinwenzhong anli liuze 金文中案例六則Anonymous2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
67Kaiyuan panli canjuan 開元判例殘卷Anonymous2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
68Kaiyuan qizhou meixianwei panji canjuan 開元岐州眉縣尉判集殘卷Anonymous2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
69Longjin fengsui pan 龍筋鳳髓判 [Dragon-Sinews and Phoenix-Marrow Decisions]Zhang zhuo 張鷟2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
70Tangyin bishi 棠蔭比事Gui Wanrong 桂萬榮2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
72Wenming panji canjuan 文明判集殘卷Anonymous2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
73Wenxian ziliao suozai tang yiqian anli xuanji 文獻資料所載唐以前案例選輯Anonymous2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
79Tongzhi tiaoge suozai panli 通志條格所載判例Anonymous2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
132Yuedong cheng’an chubian 粵東成案初編 [A preliminary edition of leading cases from Guangdong]1828Zhu yun 朱枟 (comp.)2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
166Qiu Shen shi yi 秋審事宜2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
629Juguan shenxing lu 居官慎刑錄 [Records of Officials’ Leniency in Administering Justice]1877Liu Gongchen 劉拱宸 (Z. Bo’ai 伯璦)2.3 Judicial cases: historical casebooks
25Xing'an huilan xubian 刑案匯覽續編 [A Continuation to A Conspectus of Judicial Cases]1871Wu Chao 吳潮 (H. Shuhan 述韓) (js. 1852), from Yizheng 儀徵 (Jiangsu) and He Xiyan 何錫儼 (H. Xiaoyan 小嵒), from Yizheng (Jiangsu),published by Li Baohe 李保和 at Rongcheng 蓉城 (Sichuan), edited (刪訂) by Lan Peiqing 藍佩青 and su2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
27Xuzeng Xing'an huilan 續增刑案匯覽1899By Zhu Qingqi 祝慶祺 (Z. Song’an 松菴), 2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
48Puyang yandu 莆陽讞牘 [Judgments and Decisions from Xinghua]Qi jia biao, 祁彪佳2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
50Lidai pandu huiji 歷代判牘匯記Zhao youban 趙幼班2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
51Sanyi zhilue 三邑治略 [A Brief Account of Governance in Three Counties]Xiong bin 熊賓2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
53Tingsong hui'an 聽訟匯案津阪孝绰2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
54Jiting cao 棘聽草 [Drafts from Hearings under the Jujube Tree] 1654Li zhifang 李之芳2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
57Weinengxin lu 未能信錄 [A Record on Not Being Able to Trust Oneself]Zhang wuwei 張五緯2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
58Bizhao anjian 比照案件 Anonymous2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
59Fengxing lu 風行錄 [A Record of Propagating Virtue]1813Zhang Wuwei 張五緯2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
64Xingshi ming’an kaican 刑事命案開參 [Impeachments Involving Homicide Cases]Anonymous2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
71Tangyin bishi xubian 棠蔭比事續編Wu Ne 吳訥2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
77Ming dagao suozai panli 明大誥所載判例Anonymous2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
84Sixi zhai jueshi 四西齋決事 [Decisions from the Four-West Studio]Sun Dinglie 孫鼎烈 2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
88Xinzuan Siliu helü panyu 新纂四六合律判語 [Judgments in Six-Four Parallel Sentences, Arranged According to the Code]Anonymous2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
89[Xinzuan] Siliu yanyu 新纂四六讞語 [Judgments in Six-Four Parallel Sentences]Anonymous2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
91Zheyu xinyu 折獄新語 [Latest Anecdotes on Judicial Decisions]Li Qing 李清2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
92Chongke shiyin canshen pibo siyu huotao 重刻釋音參審批駁四語活套Xiao liangban 蕭良泮2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
109Nei Ding lüli gaoben 內訂律例稿本Shen Jiaben 沈家本2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
112Cheng An huibian 成案彙編 [A Compilation of Leading Cases]Yaerhashan 雅爾哈善2.1 Judicial cases: general casebooks
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